How do people in the world see Japanese underhair?



Hello everyone.

I am Japanese.

This sentence is written using Google’s translation function, so it may be difficult to read, but I hope you will read it to the end.


Suddenly, what do you think Japanese people do not care for pubic hair?

The pubic hair is like a jungle while the armpits, legs and eyebrows are perfectly cared for.


Japanese people have a strong image of fondness of beauty, but it may be that they only care about what people see and don’t see it.

I’m a man, but I don’t like dark hair and I’m hygienic as much as possible, but my friends around me don’t care much about my hair, so I don’t care for it.


I wanted to hear the opinions of people from various countries.

If possible, I’d love to hear comments from people around the world who read this blog.

Is it true that what is said in Japan?


On the Japanese Internet site, overseas people are taking care of under hair, but it is natural that Japanese people do not take care of under hair, so it is considered unsanitary.

I am Japanese but I don’t think I should have pubic hair.

Because it is very hygienic.

Japanese hair is noticeable because it is dark and dark. So it seems unsanitary.

Q1. Do you think it is natural for people around the world to take care of pubic hair?

Japanese image

ost Japanese men do not take care of any pubic hair.

Many people think that dark hair is masculine.

But I don’t think it’s not equal and masculine is not caring for.

As an appearance in Japan, I think it is necessary to take care of the pubic hair just like cutting hair in a beauty salon or shaving when the eyelids grow.

Q2. What do you want to ask women about men who do not do anything pubic hair?

Q3. What do you want to ask men about women who don’t do pubic hair?

What is the ideal way to care for them?


There are not many people who are Japanese and have been made hygienic (hairless). There are few men in particular, and very few people are caring for them.

My ideal is Hygenina, but I want to know if there are many men who prefer Hygienica women globally.

Q4. What is the ideal shape of pubic hair?

Q5. What is your pubic hair shape?







Thank you for reading to the end.

Because Japanese people care too much about other people’s eyes, there may be many people who think they should do what they want.

I would be very happy if you could comment on the answer to the question.