Common sense no longer abroad! “Under hair circumstances” of each country


Although it is a treatment of “under hair” that is not familiar to Japanese men, it is common sense that Westerners care for both men and women.

What are the under circumstances of “under hair advanced countries”?

Even if Japanese people say that under hair treatment is natural in Europe and America, I don’t know how much it is.

For example, the sense that Europeans and Americans handle under hair is said to be almost the same as in Japan, “It is natural for professionals to shave their beards”.

However, it is slightly different from country to country, even if it is an overseas underhair situation.


In the US, both men and women have a natural VIO line.

However, for men, although under hair is cared properly, the upper body hair (chest hair, arms, etc.) is perceived as sexy, and many people do not care for it. This is similar to a gay man.


In France, there is a clear difference between those who care for the under and those who do not.

Because of a culture that respects individuals, caregivers must be thorough and those who do not really do nothing. However, most of the Parisians who are particular about their style cut their underhairs completely or shaved.



Which celebrities are dealing with under hair?

In Europe and the United States, where ordinary people do some kind of care, it is unlikely that male celebrities, which are occupations seen by people, will not care at all.

Speaking of athletes, Cristiano Ronaldo, David Beckham, Ian Thorpe and many others. Many athletes care for functional and hygiene issues.

Singers and actors include Justin Bieber, Zac Efron, and Nick Jonas. For Japanese, there are many overseas athletes such as Hidetoshi Nakata and Shinji Kagawa.



What are the benefits of caring for under hair?

In the first place, what are the benefits of caring for underhair?

There are two things that the Western people introduced earlier mentioned are the benefits of caring for underhair: “cleanness of appearance” and “because it doesn’t get muggy”.


In Japan, according to a survey conducted by Panasonic, the reason for people who care for under hair is “because it looks bad” with 61.5%.

Hereafter, I considered the merit of caring under hair that the editorial department thinks.


・ It looks better (there is a sense of cleanliness)

・ Penis looks big

・ It does not stuffy and is hard to smell

・ Hair is hard to get caught during sex (in the case of hair around the anus)

・ If you treat unwanted hair, it will appear when you wear pants.

・ Smooth and smooth skin (penis and ball)


It’s hard to smell, it doesn’t stuffy, it looks good, the penis looks big, and it’s comfortable when you have sex … full of benefits! !


Good news for those who are interested in under hair care.

Panasonic’s men’s grooming line, the industry’s first new body shaver “Body Trimmer” that can care for whole body and under hair, has been released.